Saturday, March 24, 2018

Brazilian Bishop and Priests Ensnared in Corruption Probe

Bishop Jose Ronaldo and four priests were arrested for diverting donations and party funds worth about $600,000
A Brazilian bishop has been arrested in connection with a corruption case in the Catholic church of Latin America’s biggest nation.
Prosecutors said Monday that Bishop Jose Ronaldo and four priests were among those arrested for diverting donations and party funds worth about $600,000.
They also said the group paid for personal expenses and bought a cattle farm with money from the faithful.
The scandal took place in the central Brazilian cities of Formosa, Posse and Planaltina.
The local diocese did not reply to requests


  1. The hits just keep on coming. And yet there are MANY holy priests who are also besmirched by the scandals and sins of their confreres. We must pray for all those men who share in the one priesthood of Christ. Yes, many had no true vocation but are ordained nonetheless and so the responsibility on them is greater than we can imagine and hell has a special place for unfaithful, wayward, and even lazy priests....not to mention the sodomites.

  2. The communists did not manage to take the Government in Brazil - however they did take the Catholic Church, destroyed day by day by the Liberation Theology, starting in the 60s and with flying (red) colors till today.

    1. Rubbish. Read a few books and get an education on Liberation Theology instead of passively swallowing the line put out by ideological vested interests such as The Remnant, Tancred, Crisis Magazine and Lepanto Inc.

    2. ahhhhh "bruno", the twisted poof, with another pearl of wisdom from a pig's breakfast. Get a real education yourself, instead of spreading malignant propaganda.


  3. What did the Communists use for light before candles?

  4. So sad ,Are they really have a vocation or they joined to infiltrate the Church?


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