Thursday, October 5, 2017

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger: The Church is Internally Divided

"We are concerned with ecumenism, forgetting that the Church has split up within itself and that it extends even into families and communities."

Josef Cardinal Ratzinger in an interview with Guido Horst, October 2003

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  1. Yahudi infiltration of the Church has now reached its climax with the grand finale soon culminating with their messiah in the next 2 years.

    Overall 2 sides have been narrowed down which is replicated and permeated in every nation, every organization, every group all other factions having been defeated. Thus the Lord makes it crystal clear His side or the devils side.

  2. Well done Anonymous 9:08 am. Your timely Essenes apocalyptic commentary on a fifteen year old Joe Ratzinger story.

  3. One of the best columns ever written about the Catholic Hierarchy in the US.


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