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Don Alfredo: "It Can Not be Ruled out, That Pope Francis is Surrounded by People, Who Are in Heresy"

(Rome) Don Alfredo Morselli, a priest in the archdiocese of Bologna, well-known in Italy, has just explained in an interview why he signed the Correctio filialis because of the spread of heresiesPope Francis visited Bologna last SundayDon Morselli is one of the first signatories who sent the correction to the Pope on the 11th of August. 
Born in Bologna in 1958, he became an apprentice during his studies and joined the priest's seminary in 1980. He was ordained a priest in the diocese of Massa in 1986 and celebrated in the traditional form of the Roman Rite, although there was no Motu proprio Ecclesia Dei and certainly not Summorum Pontificum. On the Silver Jubilee of his Priesthood, he said:
"When I came to serve in the parish, the priests immediately protested even to the bishop."
He was then sent to Rome for study. Back in his diocese, he was "banished" to two "remote and very poor mountain parishes with dilapidated churches." "Saint Joseph made it possible for both churches and the two bell towers to be renovated and a nursery to be built." There, too, he celebrated Holy Mass every Sunday in the traditional rite and built a church choir. 

In parallel he taught fundamental theology, exegetics and Greek. After the Motu proprio, Ecclesia Dei, he sought to be admitted to the newly founded Priestly Society of St. Peter, but was refused "illegitimately" by a superior authority. He was made to understand that he was denied an appeal in Rome, in order not to impose an additional burden on the Society of Saint Peter, which was already in the crossfire. Instead, he was "gracefully" dismissed from teaching activities.

Don Morselli

Then the situation in his diocese became increasingly oppressive, in 2001 he moved to the Archdiocese of Bologna under Cardinal Giacomo Biffi. The parishes entrusted to him were indebted and the churches were in a miserable condition. Here too, St. Joseph had conceded to him the reconstruction of the church and the coffers. Every day, on Sundays and Labor Day, he celebrates the Holy Mass in the traditional form. He also sought an official place for Mass in the traditional rite in the Archdiocese and was able to win three young priests. At least five priestly and religious orders have emerged from the church. According to the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum , his new Archbishop, Carlo Cardinal Caffarra, was the first resident Cardinal of Italy to celebrate Holy Mass in the traditional rite. 

"For all of this, the Archbishopric of Bologna, the diocese of Lercaro and Dossetti is not the most favorable environment," as Don Morselli said in the 25th anniversary of the priesthood in 2011. Don Morselli is author of several books.
The interview was conducted by Bruno Volpe of La Fede quotidiana (FQ)

"There is an objective confusion"

Q: Don Morselli, what motivated you to sign?
Don Morselli: The confusion that prevails in the Church, in which false and also heretical ideas and ideas are circulating and spread. To make it clear, as anyone who can read our document unreservedly and unconditionally, the object of the Correctio filialis is not the person of the pope whom no one accuses of heresy.
Q. What are you complaining about?
Don Morselli: The problem has arisen because the Dubia of the four Cardinals to Amoris laetitia did not receive the answer they deserved, as did our letter of August 11th. Because the silence continues, we have made it public. We think that a final clarification is urgently necessary for Amoris laetitia, considering you can see what is happening.
Q. What happens now?
Don Morselli: There is an objective confusion. It is the Church that experiences this confusion both in pastoral care and in teaching. What happens to Amoris laetitia is proof of this. I myself have said in a previous interview that the Church is experiencing her Hell, as the Mother of God announced in Fatima. But I remain an optimist because the Church will endure. The powers of darkness will not overcome Her.
Q: Amoris laetitia spreads heresies?
Don Morselli: The document is against the magisterium and the tradition of the Church and it contradicts what John Paul II has said. This is the concern of our Correctio filialis: to avoid that this document spreads ideas that are objectively heretical. To give Communion once again to married divorced persons is a serious sin. It is heretical. This yielding to situational ethics and circumstances seems to me dangerous. On the contrary, it is rather to be reminded that there are acts which in themselves are bad which can not make any circumstance good. To allow one to the sacraments, who is in the state of serious sin, destroys the Catholic doctrine of Marriage, the Eucharist, and Confession. It is possible that I can not exclude the fact that the pope is surrounded by collaborators who are in heresy and who do not want to be well, but are actually his enemies. I think he's badly advised. I repeat, however, that we are not against the person of the pope whom we do not accuse. It is not an action hostile to him.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Photo: MiL
Trans: Tancred


  1. While there may not have been Ecclesia Dei when Fr began celebrating the traditional rite there was Quattuor Abhinc Annos which seems to be forgotten by many and was the first break in the dam.

  2. The man was blest to have those assignments! God really gave him an opportunity to build.

  3. As time goes on, the smoke is clearing. Pre Vatican II was a "family oriented" Church. Post Vatican II is now an individual oriented Church. It is theology versus humanism. The Church is rebuilding from an altered base and these dissident priests will not be around much longer.---The deaths of two of the four "dubia"s is very strange indeed. John XXIII viewed the three little children of Fatima as threats and called them "prophets of doom" in the opening address of the council. What does that say about a man who was afraid of three pubescent children?

  4. That would be "pre" pubescent. Also, traditional priests are now viewed as dissident.

  5. Anyone who promulgates heresy & blasphemy must themselves be heretics & blasphemers. These 'advisers' were personally invited by PF to help him in overthrowing the Dogmas of the CC & in saying there is no Catholic God, Atheists can get to Heaven by good deeds & Hell doesn't exist is not upholding Catholic Doctrine which is his prime responsibility. Refusing to convert Infidels because it might offend them is a betrayal of Jesus Christ who ordered His Apostles : Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 28:19).

    1. exactly Ana!...until these guys are willing to call out the 800 pound Argentinian gorilla in the room, for what he is (and what he isn't), the Bride will continue to be beaten and raped.

    2. More incendiary, hate-driven rubbish from Stench-Breath herself.

    3. If you consider yourself a Catholic gentleman, you will retract the terrible remarks about Ana.

    4. If you could read English properly and understand context you would see that Ted's remarks were directed at the other person.

    5. Susan gave a pretty accurate description of Pope Francis. IN fact, it was rather complimentary. I have heard him called a lot worse....and all well deserved.
      Damian Malliapalli

    6. Regarding what Susan described Bergoglio as....100% accurate, I'll label him something else, which fits like a glove too, but I'll write it in Hindi and see if anyone can come up with my plain, accurate yet not too foul description of Pope Francis.
      He's a ghatiya insaan (no offense to his Mom) :)
      Damian Malliapalli

    7. Thanks're very gallant, but you do realize that "Ted" is just another psycho split-personality moniker for feybriel, right? Pity him...he seems to really enjoy being humiliated and coming back for more, though I'm tiring of the drama-queen. He's not even fun to attempt to intellectually spar with...always feels like a single-man fight...too easy. Anyone who sees Screwtape as the protagonist is really more to be ignored than engaged....let him spew. He just reveals himself more.

    8. Really? It's all the same person using different names??? There's no other way to say it....that's sick.
      (Besides, the masquerade won't really work, because no matter how many fake names he/she uses...Tancred or any other blog administrator can see if it comes from the same site(locale) and even the same computer, So the jokes on them.
      I know alittle about computers to know about tracking systems. He/she ain't fooling anyone if it's all the same site! :)
      Damian Malliapalli

  6. It most likely is that those surrounding the Pope were chosen because of their heresies.However,some out of Charity, add that it Can Not be Ruled out, That Pope Francis is Surrounded by People, Who Are Honest and Nice but Intellectually Challenged.
    However, I have always had a tendency to be more tolerant of those who are understanding of what they do, but refuse to do what is right, than for those who don't understand and blind as to what is the wrong they are doing.An atheist is an athiest.ok... But the Pope and Vatican officials denying the Teachings...


  8. Yes there are popes in heresy.They need to discuss the following.It's also a new option open for you Tancred.

    Now it is possible for individual SSPX priests to go to the Vatican or the local bishop and tell them that they affirm Vatican Council II(without the premise).Religious from other communities and lay people can do the same.1

    OCTOBER 7, 2017

    SSPX canonical recognition is assured : Vatican Council II (premise-free) is no more an issue

  9. That headline quote from Don Alfredo indicates perhaps an over-indulgent view of the pope's behaviour, bordering almost on the myopic. When the dust settles, I'll be looking to see which of Francis's inner circle planted the idea in his head for him to say to a group of sick children that Our Lady at the foot of the cross said to God "Liar! I was deceived."

    1. Please elucidate and expand. I remember hearing something in this regard. Was it fact or fiction?

    2. I think the one in his inner circle who planted that idea in his head goes by many names....Abaddon, Beelzebub, Apollyon, feybriel, "Ted", "Bill O", "John C", "Anon".....

    3. JBQ He first said it during what's apparently known as a 'morning meditation' at Casa Santa Marta on December 20th 2013. He repeated it during a meeting with seriously ill children and their families in the chapel at CSM on May 29th 2015. Check out the excellent Denzinger-Bergoglio website (under Mariology) and the Vatican's own website respectively for the full details.

      Along with that sacrilegious light show at St. Peters and his comments about that creature Emma Bonino, they're some of the most egregious nadirs of his reign.

      And Susan, I don't think we can discount the possibility that His Excellency Baron Munchausen may also exert undue influence on this blighted pontificate.

    4. And anyone else who disagrees with you.

    5. @Blotto: I have a problem with believing that even a first class jerk would say such a thing. He was quoted today with "there is a real cultural revolution on the horizon of history and the Church must be a part of it". I thought that Christ Christianized history. The Church is not changed by the effects of original sin on the outcome of history. It is all about "Amoris Laetitia" and the Christianization of "fornication, adultery, and sodomy". You can then throw in the crushing of capitalism and the creation of a perfect socialist society.

    6. The hate, ignorance, paranoia and despair are escalating not diminishing.

    7. ....and "James P".

    8. And unrestrained teenage shallowness, self-referentiality and narcissism.

    9. @JBQ Let's contrast that latest quote of the pope's about the need for the Church to be part of an impending "real cultural revolution" with this quote from G.K.Chesterton: “I want a Church that moves the world, not one that moves with it.”


    10. If Chesterton was still around he have to deal with Gaudium et Spes which taught that while the world can and must learn from the Church, so too the Church must learn the best lessons secular society has to teach.

    11. ahhh...the return of Bill O'Idiot. And yes Damian, it's the same guy; different name. He thinks he's fooling people to believe there are multiple idiots who argue exactly the same point, exactly the same way.

      Hey fr. ought to have "Gaudium et Spes" embroidered on your pink lame chasuble in rainbow yarn...right beside the picture of J. Martin eth-jay that rests over your troubled heart.

      "so too the Church must learn the best lessons secular society has to teach" your world, that would no doubt include fisting and felching. Just see 'francis' about it....all his best buds were at the last coke'd up orgy.

      And here, old eth-jay expounds on his latest 'best lesson from the secular world' and his deepest wound yet to Christ's Body....nice pals you hang out with there.....

    12. Bill O'M. Can't immediately (or even after a longish period of reflection) think of "the best lessons secular society has to teach the Church". In fact, can't even think of any even half-good examples of where society at large has got it right and the Church has gone astray.

      Nevertheless, nothing ventured nothing gained, so tomorrow I shall be venturing forth undaunted at midday onto the mean streets of the cesspit of a city in which I live, with a lighted faggot (no pun intended) in one hand and a flashlight in the other to help me uncover at least some of those salutary "lessons".

    13. The fact that the word "accountable" does not exist in the Latin language and therefore does not appear in Canon Law or any vernacular official Church documents up until recent times. The Church hierarchy and others who claim authority in the Church, have been forced to learn the lessons of good, responsible and accountable citizenship in a modern democratic secular society. The Church has become the pupil of the State.
      A confronting example is the fact that since Pius XI's change in Canon Law forbidding bishops to hand over clerical pedophiles to state jurisdictions for trial and punishment, countless numbers of children throughout the world have been sacrificed all for the protection of the honor of the priesthood and to preserve the pretence that the hierarchy occupies the high moral ground. In effect, though, the Church has betrayed the specific teaching of Jesus on the protection of innocent children. The State has been forced through legislation to educate the hierarchy in the lessons of good responsible, accountable citizenship in modern liberal democracies.
      That's one example of the Church actually being forced to learn from secular society.
      On a less dramatic level, look at the lessons secular society offered the Church on powerful and efficient means of spreading the Gospel, beginning with the printing press.......

    14. "...the Church has betrayed the specific teaching of Jesus on the protection of innocent children. The State has been forced through legislation to educate the hierarchy in the lessons of good responsible, accountable citizenship in modern liberal democracies."

      The Bride of Christ has not betrayed any teaching of Jesus. Flawed, misguided, negligent and downright wicked members of the Church have, however, acted contrary to the Gospel. If weak and complacent prelates had spent more time serving God and a lot less time bowing to a World full of modern liberal democracies, the sex abuse scandal which involved 0.4% of the clergy, would never have occurred.

      And as for the state's gracious donation of the printing press enhancing the spread of the Gospel, if only the Apostles had owned a prototype, just imagine what proselytizing targets they could have hit.

    15. The 'few rotten apples' narrative which is most energetically promoted by Bill's Catholic League of denialism has been consistently repudiated by the Vatican and national episcopal conferences around the world. The rottenness is to be found in the policy of bishops under the directions of Pius XI's 1922 amendment to Canon Law that pedophile priests not be reported to civil authorities as was the custom for 1800 years. This led to a policy of enablement whereby pedophile priests were shunted around from parish to parish, even country to country, to avoid scandal. In fact the scandal was magnified because the hierarchy enabled these criminal child rapists to continue abusing children again and again.
      The greater sin and crime was the institutional policy of the Catholic hierarchy from Pope down to protect the honour of the priesthood ahead of the honour and dignity of innocent children. Read what Jesus had to say about this in Matthew 18: 5-6.
      BTW, Bill and his minions at the Catholic League are attempting to influence Church officials to destroy all the surviving correspondence dating back over two hundred years from priests around mission countries world who wrote extensively to seminary staff about incriminating/ compromising situations they or other priests had gotten themselves into, including pedophilia.
      The leaders of the Church are being dragged kicking and screaming into a world of public accountability by the very instrumentalities they despise, the secular justice systems.

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. And so Bill Mallet (your "O" has been rescinded) where does this leave you with 200 year old testimony. Perry Mason would even consider that extreme and lacking in viability. Would you dig up the bodies and have them testify in absentia? You do know why Pius XI refused just before he was assassinated by Mussolini? (read Malachi Martin)---"Susan" is quite funny and the humor is appreciated. "Blotto" quoted G.K. Chesterton and a little intellectualism in the face of emotionalism is greatly appreciated.

  10. I think Constantine got it right when he said:
    "It most likely is that those surrounding the Pope were chosen because of their heresies."
    A heretic like Francis would naturally pick fellow radicals, deviants, and heretics who think as he does. It makes no sense that he would pick a Benedict XVI style traditional leaning orthodox Catholic. They/we have no value in Francis eyes.
    His heretic staff is there only by Francis' will. For example, a heretic Prefect for the Congregation of Bishops in office by appointment from a heretic Pope, will choose only heretic bishops throughout the world, bypassing good and outstanding Catholic men.
    That's what's happening today. Francis would not be surrounded by heretics unless he (a true heretic), personally selected them.
    Don Alfredp's to charitable to Francis. Francis is the core of the heresy being spread, and his network of heretic associates are spinning their web on his directives....not doing it on their own initiative.
    Damian Malliapalli

    1. You have to remember that Benedict stepped aside to allow the ascendancy in the first place. The ideal of a one world government and one world religion just was not in the "bag of expertise" for the straight shooter.

    2. Not necessarily true, because neither Benedict XVI, nor most rational Catholics, thought the Cardinals in conclave would elect such a heretic as Bergoglio, and I think that going into conclave that was not their intention. Some other very acceptable and solid names were touted both before, and immediately during the first day of conclave.
      The problem is that Bergoglio and company had a game plan, and rather than rely on the Holy Spirit, there was an open campaign for Bergoglio by his supporters and by himself. Promises were made, etc. Many were probably pressured to vote for him.
      So Benedict XVI did step aside, but he didn't expect a flaming heretic to be elected to succeed him,
      Just as Francis has been a terrible surprise since his election for most Catholics....his successor will be a terrible surprise to the people who are cheering Francis and his agenda now. I think we're in for an explosion of the nuclear type (figuratively) in the Vatican in about 18 months....the passing of Francis, and the election of a complete surprise. Good for Catholic tradition, very bad for Francis' fans.
      Damian Malliapalli

    3. You're gratuitously asserting that Francis is a heretic. I don't see even his harshest critics in the hierarchy or the 25, 65 or any other group of clergy and theologians claiming that Pope Francis is heterodox. The onus is on you to prove it. Bet you can't.
      And BTW, you are being recklessly optimistic if you think in your wildest dreams that a 'youngish, smart, Trad-friendly' successor to Francis will be elected.
      Econe will become increasingly attractive to you and the like minded.

    4. "You're gratuitously asserting that Francis is a heretic. I don't see even his harshest critics in the hierarchy or the 25, 65 or any other group of clergy and theologians claiming that Pope Francis is heterodox. The onus is on you to prove it. Bet you can't." I can......

      *Souls that are not saved are annihilated.
      *The Blessed Mother wanted to yell at God the Father at the base of the cross, "Lies! Lies! I was lied to!"
      *The koran is a source of truth and strength.
      *That islam is a religion of peace.
      *That atheists can get to Heaven by doing good.
      *That evangelizing is a sin against 'ecumenism'.
      *That the Jews don't need Jesus to be saved and we shouldn't try to convert them.
      *That divorced/remarrieds without annulments can receive Holy Communion (as he told the Argentine bishops, "there is no other interpretation.")
      *That people can change their sex (referring to the 'transgender' he invited for a private audience with 'spouse' in tow, "he, who was a she, but is now a he...")
      *That, "Man is the king of the universe!"
      *That youth unemployment is the greatest problem facing modern man.
      *That not recycling is a mortal sin.
      *That Jesus needed to plead forgiveness of Mary and Joseph.
      *That the real miracle of the loaves and fishes was sharing "rather than a multiplication".
      *That a notorious and unrepentant woman personally guilty of murdering over 10,000 babies in the womb is a "forgotten GREAT!"
      *That Christ on the hammer and sickle of marxism is an acceptable thing for a pope to smilingly accept and to wear on his person.
      *That not genuflecting or kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in the Holy Mass or public Exposition is okey-dokey....even when he's shown he can repeatedly kneel before women, trannies, and muslims at the Mandatum.
      *That a tango in the sanctuary, inches from the altar, is okey-dokey.
      *That Jesus "made Himself the devil!"
      *That Jesus "likes it" when we say to Him in the confessional, "This is your sin, and I will sin again!"
      *That martin luther wasn't wrong.
      *That if everyone did what they thought was good ("as they conceive it"), the world would be much better....(bet ISIS thinks they're doing 'good')
      *That Catholics shouldn't "obsess" on 'gay marriage', contraception, and abortion....(as if!)
      *That the persecution, torment, and annihilation of the FFI was justified.
      *That Jesus Did Not Tell the Pharisees that Divorce is Forbidden.
      *That Jesus only "pretends to be angry" with the disciples when Scripture clearly says he was angry with them.
      *That "no one can be condemned forever"...(i.e., there is no hell; see point #1 above).
      *That "engaging in dialogue does not mean renouncing our own ideas and traditions, but the claim that they alone are valid or absolute."....(guess that pretty much negates the Catholic Church, Her origins, and the promises of Her Founder.)
      *That the cause of social evil is "inequality".
      *Full and total support for his hand-picked head of communications, Fr. James Martin S.J., whose homosexualist views, writing , and support are squarely against Church teaching in the areas of sexuality and marriage.

    5. I suggest you delate the Pope by sending in your list to the CDF.
      Please inform the rest of the commenters on the outcomes.

    6. I smile at how you never address the facts presented. Are the above errors in terms of the immemorial teaching and Tradition of the Church or not?

      Heresy: belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine:
      denial of a revealed truth by a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church:

    7. If you are convinced that Pope Francis is a heretic, then you have not only the right but the solemn duty as a baptized member of the Church to delate him to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
      Keep us informed of how this progresses.

    8. ah, 'delate'....found a new word other than 'teenage', did you Feybriel? beat this one into the ground.

      And whether or not his hand-picked destroyers of the Faith denounce him or not, changes not one whit of the fact that he's a flaming heretic. The Truth doesn't rely on a vote by sodomites and effeminates.

    9. You have accused Pope Francis of heresy (a religious crime). Now let your talk do the walk and take him to court.
      Bet you don't.

    10. yeah Rosica, I'll take him to court. Judge Judy'll ream him a new one.


      and BTW, you still haven't answered how the few of many bergoglian heresies outlined above aren't heresies. typical.

    11. nice dissembling.

      answer the question.

      Are they erroneous, heretical positions or not?

    12. The onus is on you, Ding Dong, to prove heresy. Even the CDF accepts the burden of proof.

    13. answer the question.

  11. This type of aggressive pathology is utterly cure resistant.

    1. As Jack Nicholson said so well in "A Few Good Men", 'the truth, you can't handle the truth'.

  12. Im sorry you have your facts wrong when the Pope became a priest and entered into the mitre. He entered in 1972 just as the photo from JACINTA warned. He is the one that is the false prophet. Jesus never failed at anything because He is perfect without blemish. The Pope however is a Jesuit and anyone with half a brain knows what that means. He has taken an oath to kill steal and destroy. Does that ring any bells? He is and was and will increase his power until she will crush his head with her heel! A stone will be thrown at his city and he will flee in a plane for sanctuary in Russia. His time will be short but he will kill as many christians and non christians possible. It is a game of numbers he thinks the world will bow down and worship him. He will come close to ruling the world until God sends His only begotten son to gather His elect. Then Satan will loose as it is written.
    Time to strap in cause its going to be a bumpy ride. JMJ have mercy on us all.

  13. Scroll down to see the horrendous sculpture of the way of the Cross presented in Columbia. They make a point of using deformed and distorted Crosses.

  14. "It cannot be ruled out?" Thats a huge understatement!

  15. More like, "It cannot be denied..."


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