Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Evil Jesuit University Fires Last Catholic on its Faculty?

Edit: in an ongoing battle, one of the last remaining conservative voices on the faculty of the allegedly Catholic, Jesuit, Marquette University has been fired.  We're linking here to an article by the estimable Austen Ruse who continues to do yeoman's work on this subject, on which no objective criticism is available apparently, at America's "Catholic" Universities.
Here's the article and here's hoping that at least one Marquette alum will stop supporting this intellectually impoverished institution which continues, despite all information to the contrary, that it's a Catholic school.
In future we're going to be linking more frequently to Professor McAdams pugilistic and unapologetic blog:
In a lengthy letter, Dean Richard Hotz told McAdams, “…your conduct clearly and substantially fails to meet the standards of personal and professional excellence that generally characterizes University faculties. As a result, your value to this academic institution is substantially impaired.”
For years McAdams has been a conservative thorn in the side of liberal Marquette. On his Marquette Warrior blog, he has chronicled the liberal foibles of Marquette faculty, staff and students.
At issue this time was a blog post McAdams published last November 9th in which he described a classroom situation where Cheryl Abbate, a junior faculty member, shut down a student who wanted to discuss his opposition to same-sex marriage because she considered it an unacceptable topic in her ethics class and would be on par with a discussion favoring racism or sexism. She also said such a discussion would offend any gay students in class.


  1. Evil Jesuit University? Seriously?

  2. Yes, evil. Is that word too "mean" for you?

    1. Exactly. Thank you. Fluff-Cats aren't ready for harsh words or truth. They reel from it.

  3. Of course it shouldn't be "Evil" should be "Devil"

  4. If they censer free speech ,its not much of a university ,have they not heard of dialogue ,its getting pushed down everyone's throat these days ,obviously they do not practice what they preach in Vatican 2 universities .

  5. I work on the MU Campus. The professor and I were the only two Catholics on campus. Now there is one.

  6. The one good thing about the Jesuits is that they are a dying Order. I never thought there would ever be a Jesuit Pope, but I knew that it would be a disaster for the Church if by some evil twist of fate, there was.
    Now there is, and my concerns have been realized a million times over.
    Jesuit Pope Francis is a disaster from the Church. His Order is a disaster for the Church.
    Th one good thing is that the Jesuits are a rapidly dying Order, down from 36,100 in 1964, to 16,300 today. Their average age overall is about 69. There are only about 11,000 Jesuit priests left in the world, 900 brothers (that group will soon be extinct), and less than 4,000 seminarians, novices, and aspirants.
    In the USA, there are now less than 2,000 Jesuits (11,000 in USA before Vatican II, with over 3,500 seminarians). Today they have less than 200 USA seminarians, novices, etc.
    Other liberal Orders share the same fate. I have Jesuit Saint Joseph University in Philadelphia near me. There are only a handful of Jesuits on staff.....before Vatican II, there were over 100. Their Jesuit residence on campus is filled with old men in their 70's and 80's.
    I live one mile from thewell know and excellent Augustinian university, Villanova University. Before Vatican II, there were 60-70 Augustinians on the faculty in all different fields. Today, there are about half a dozen, all in the Religious Studies Dept. They once had a huge seminary on campus, and 250+ seminarians studying at Villanova. It was very impressive to see them leaving their seminary and crossing the street en masse to attend classes on campus. (I saw pictures of it, I'm not old enough to have witnessed it).
    Today, that magnificent seminary is closed, and turned into a school of nursing. The Augustinians have gone from 490 priests and 250+ seminarians for the Saint Thomas of Villanova Eastern USA Province of the Order (1962), to less than 150 priests and 4 seminarians today.
    This is all the fruit of the ":reforms" of Vatican II, which Jesuit Pope Francis seems intent on making worse.
    The results of the Francis pontificate is already being felt. Jesuits continue to collapse, USA seminary enrollment has gone down for the first time in close to 10 years (after modest gains under Benedict XVI), and more people are leaving the Church and fewer attending Mass.
    Good Job, Francis. LOL!!

  7. There are three things that God will never know : how many churches are in Rome, how many nuns, priests and friars are in the world and what goes through a jesuit's mind.....

  8. God bless Professor McAdams. May He also bless Pope Francis, those who elected him, and those running Marquette University with repentance.

  9. I am at MU. I am in the Theology Department. There are still several Catholics.


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