Monday, May 6, 2013

Bishop Fellay Consecrates New Church in Berlin

Berlin (Kathnews). As the Society of St. Pius X. reports on its website, Bishop Bernard Fellay (SSPX) will consecate the Church of St. Peter on the 25th May 2013 in Berlin. It's located in the urban district of Berlin-Wilmersdorf.  The church was built in 2002-2005.  In the simple appearance of Saint Peter, it draws on the eclectic-historicist design. In its interior, the four-bay barrel-vaulted nave surprises with its magnificent Renaissance style, embodied in forms of wall and ceiling painting by the church painter Ralf Lürig. A special feature is the 1900's pipe organ by the English organ builder Albert Keates (1862-1950) with 16 sounding registers a complement of two manuals (keyboards), according to

Photo: St. Peter in Berlin-Wilmersdorf -
Image source: Wikipedia / Bodo Kubrak



  1. I've been waiting for an interesting comment but I'll go ahead and make an uninteresting one.
    I'm glad.

  2. Sometimes, people don’t have much good to say. With or without the disagreements within the Society at present, it continues to grow and yield good fruit.

  3. Thanks be to God +

  4. We unfortunately in tbe U.S. get converted. a Christisn Reform church. ( SSOX) St. Margaret Marys, in G.R. Michigan. ..& an old coat factory converted on Long Island, Farmingville, NY ( SSPX) St. Michael's. Go figure..they have $$ apparently for new real churches! Im sick of old converted everything!


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